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We specialise in operating Construction Management systems in residential, retail and commercial areas.

We are currently involved in the management of large, multi-million pound projects across the South East of England. We are also qualified to act as CDM Co-ordinator under the CDM regulations for applicable projects.

Construction Management is an alternative to the traditional Main Contractor procurement route. The disadvantage with a Main Contractors system is that the Main Contractor must include a margin for profit and unforeseen eventualities. The alternative is to use the Construction Management system whereby the Trade Contractors are employed directly by the client with the entire arrangement managed by the Construction Manager. This procurement method often results in significant cost savings to the client. The Construction Manager will work closely with the client and will obtain quotations for the various trade packages and source materials. The benefit of this arrangement is that there are cost savings resulting in maximum value for our Clients and a collaborative and transparent management process from initial design to handover.

We work in our Client’s interests every step of each project, ensuring the best possible return on their investment. This has earned Green Home Ltd. an unrivalled reputation in the construction industry for economy and organisation. If you have a project, from smaller residential developments, to large multi-million pound projects we have a management team to suit.

Construction Management Consultants

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